We Three


“Stories have been the nucleus of my existence for as long as I can remember. I was weaned on books, nurtured on comics, reared by movies, fostered by television and educated by imagination. Inconsequential as that may seem, my life and my mind have been enriched by it; I’ve always had a fascination with the written word, the wielding of which has the power to weave universes out of nothingness. In the wrong hands however, words can wreak destruction on our minds and our very ability to conceive. The mediocrity of the majority of entertainment across all mediums is a shade that all but eclipses the precious few jewels of writing and storytelling that exist at its edges. It rots the foundations of our ability to imagine and plunges us, generation after generation, deeper into the mire of mundanity. I refuse to exist beneath that shadow. And I will drag you kicking and screaming into the light.”

Khemit is the co-host of the FYM Podcast.


“If you poured oozing extreme sarcasm and cynicism into a funnel made of fundamental humanist ideals, heated and strained it through life’s crucible, and then let it chill for a stellar minute, you might be skirting the event horizon of my mind.  It’s scary in there! However, what I’ve learned is that humans are the most amazing creatures on Earth, godlike in our capacity for willpower, storytelling, and imagination.  But in our absolute power, many of us have slowly corrupted from the inside out, believing a fiction we speak to ourselves and to each other.  These fictions keep most of us from realizing the lives we know we want but tell ourselves we can’t have.  FYMP to me is a way to free your mind, to open the world to the possibility that we can choose the fiction we live our lives by.  Why not make it a bad-ass inspirational one rather than a tragicomedy?  Join us if you want support in making this happen.  Great things are coming, and FYMP is committed to making them happen.”

Matt is the co-host of the FYM Podcast.

Move Matt

Fueled by skepticism, powered by applied knowledge, and motivated by pure, white-hot hatred for the modern fitness industry, Move Matt is the incarnation of a man who has gone through over 15 years of varied, intense, and mostly misguided fitness exploration. I have finally broken free of the magazine and protein powder driven bullshit and reached a point that legitimately qualifies as enlightenment – a sort of fitness nirvana. My disdain for modern “workouts” will pull you out of the dark hole of crunches and toning and take you off the path to permanent mediocrity. Move Matt is an effort of continuous learning that concentrates on making fitness both enjoyable and useful. Hell, it’s downright spiritual when done right. My ideas will be difficult to understand and embrace, but know that is because you have been brainwashed into thinking the horrible things you do to your body are actually beneficial in some way. I’m here to help you fight that brainwashing. Put concisely, Move Matt is enlightenment turned rescue mission. You’re welcome.