FYMP Podcast #9 – The Rise of the Anti-hero

What accounts for the rising popularity of the anti-hero in fiction? In this week’s podcast we explore that question and others related to the idea of heroes in stories and in the real world. We discuss Alan Moore and the origins of the trend in comics, as well as  recent hero stories like Man of Steel. Plus, our very first Grudge Match between 2 VERY anti-heroes!

Timestamp Recap
(02:53) How Khemit missed the point of The Killing Joke
(10:19) The anti-hero boom through the lens of Marvel/DC
(17:00) Watchmen and moral ambiguity
(21:35) Intelligence, hubris, and the anti-hero as supervillain
(24:53) Immy Interruption Interlude
(26:30) What is the source of the anti-hero trend?
(35:30) Changing definitions of heroism
(39:30) Kurt Busiek and heroic realism
(42:05) The anti-hero done right
(47:00) Grudge Match: Deadpool vs. The Punisher

Stories Discussed
Movies – Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick,
TV – The Walking Dead
Creators – Alan Moore, Zack Snyder, Kurt Busiek
Comics – The Killing Joke, Invincible, Earth X, Astro City

Dis/Honorable Mention
Comics – MiracleMan, The Dark Knight
Movies – Superman 2, Wonder Woman, Watchmen, Star Wars
CreatorsMark Millar, Frank Miller, Rob Liefeld

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