Public Service Announcement


These random popular things are mediocre; you should not like them as much as you do.

1. The Big Bang Theory (the show… not the actual theory)
2. Tom Clancy books (yes, all of them)
3. Shameless
4. Taken
5. Sons of Anarchy
6. Dan Brown books (yes, all of them)
7. The Dark Knight Rises
8. Dexter
9. The Walking Dead (TV show)
10. Anything from Mark Millar

Here at FYM Planet, we don’t go after the low hanging fruit. For a list of some truly BAD things, just find anything popular with high schoolers. We stick to maligning the not-that-good, the could-be-better; the …meh.

This list is in no particular order, and it is far from exhaustive, but it’s a good start. If you get really excited about anything listed above…


7 Replies to “Public Service Announcement”

  1. The Walking Dead tv show is like super sizing your combo meal at the drive thru. I know it doesn’t have much substance and it’s not good for me but I can’t help myself. Afterwards I feel unfulfilled and dirty.

    1. I feel more dejected after watching The Walking Dead than I do after any other activity that I engage in. I think the show’s true brilliance is that it manages to keep otherwise rational people watching it, long after it has proven itself not worth their time. Your drive through analogy is perfect.

  2. LOL. True on most counts, but I think the Dark Knight Rises and Dan Brown might actually represent the low hanging fruit of which you speak.

    1. Great analysis. That saves me the trouble of having to write a blog about everything I find wrong with that show. It also highlights Community as a show that entertains the crowd that TBBT belittles. I completely agree. Thanks a lot for sharing, Jay!

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