FYMP Podcast #3 – The Mature Sci-Fi TV Renaissance

In our 3rd Podcast we talk about the much-welcome resurgence in mature sci-fi Television that is taking place at the moment. We use shows like Altered Carbon and The Expanse to guide the conversation, and take frequent detours to talk about other great and not-so-great TV along the way.

The occasional cuts you may notice are excised interruptions by Matt’s inexhaustible children. Perhaps we’ll compile them into a stand-alone podcast some day!

Timestamp Recap

(00:47) What kind of shows are we NOT talking about today
(04:25) What kind of shows ARE we talking about today
(05:45) The Lindelof/Abrams conundrum (The Leftovers & Lost)
(09:15) Altered Carbon and the hard “R” sci-fi resurgence
(20:05) Altered Carbon: on the writing
(24:00) Humans, Westworld, and the ethics of robotics
(31:00) We finally get to talk about The Expanse!
(51:45) Reflections on the short lived show Caprica
(54:05) The philosophical shortcomings of Altered Carbon
(1:00:45) Black Mirror and the genius of “San Junipero”

Stories Discussed

TV – Altered Carbon, The Expanse, Westworld, Battlestar Galactica, The Leftovers, Black Mirror, Humans, Caprica, The Prestige
Creators – Joel Kinnaman, Charlie Brooker

Dis/Honorable Mention

CreatorsDouglas Adams, Damon Lindelof, JJ Abrams, William Gibson
TV – Fringe, Firefly, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Lost, Watchmen, The Killing, Orphan Black, Dollhouse, Electric Dreams
Movies – Star Wars, Blade Runner, Bright, The Other Guys, Ex Machina

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