FYMPCAST – MK Ultra Ch. 1

This is the inaugural FYMPCAST, in which Khemit and Matt discuss their reasons for creating the cast, introduce themselves and their approach to stories and fiction, and attempt to lay the groundwork for what will be an unprecedentedly badass delivery system for all of the heretofore useless yet ridiculously robust wealth of knowledge on the subject contained in their respective brains. You’re welcome.

Timestamp Recap:

(00:52) Matt’s intro

(07:15) Khemit’s intro

(14:30) Ruminations on the nature of stories.

(21:00) Subjectivity and objectivity in story preferences

(27:20) Podcast scope and ground rules.

(34:30) Thoughts about different genres in TV and other written fiction.

(43:45) Khemit’s fiction “cheat sheet”

(47:30) Khemit & Matt discuss Ghost in the Shell


Stories Discussed:

Anime/Manga – Naruto, Ghost in the Shell

Movies – Ghost in the Shell


Dis/Honorable Mention:

Manga – Berserk, Blame!

TV Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Expanse, Taboo, Misfits, Utopia, Frontier, Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Rick & Morty, Star Wars: Rebels

Movies – Star Wars, Mad Max, Logan, I, Robot, Edge of Tomorrow

Comics – Swamp Thing, Providence, MiracleMan


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