FYMP Podcast #27 – The Magic of Reframing: A Conversation with Kalle Moen

Kalle Moen is the head of product at Nomad X and the engineering manager and tech lead of a separate US based venture. He’s also a digital nomad, and a former professional magician and entrepreneur. The conversation ranges from magic, to social engineering, to the art of creating unique experiences and reframing worldviews.

Timestamp Recap
(01:12) Guest Intro: Kalle Moen
(07:30) The art of learning
(09:28) The art of belonging
(14:22) The call to adventure
(22:48) The grip of false constraints
(28:36) The success story
(35:05) The art of listening
(42:50) The art of pathfinding
(52:07) The magic of reframing

Stories Discussed
Movies – Interstellar, Catch Me if You Can

Dis/Honorable Mention
Movies – Field of Dreams
TV – Ancient Aliens

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