FYMP Podcast #26 – The Edge of Success: A Conversation with Adam Mitchell-Hardt

In this episode I spoke with career coach Adam Mitchell-Hardt about some inspirational pieces of fiction and their implications for finding fulfillment in the work that we do. We discuss the apathy that many people feel in relation to how they spend their days, and the possible solutions to that problem that find their reflections in books and movies. You can find out more about Adam at his website: http://www.adammitchellhardt.com & on IG:  adammitchellhardt

Timestamp Recap
(02:00) Guest intro: Adam Mitchell-Hardt
(04:15) The meaning of success
(09:01) Analyzing The Alchemist
(17:18) The Edge and the timing of change
(24:46) how to fail while succeeding
(30:30) Archetypes in real life
(36:35) Finding “Ikigai”
(45:31) Facing the unknown
(50:15) What we don’t know we know

Stories Discussed
Creators – Paulo Coehlo, Carlos Castaneda, Viktor Frankl
Books – The Alchemist, A Separate Reality, Man’s Search for Meaning
Movies – The Edge

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