FYMP Podcast #24 – The Art of Stand-Up: A Conversation with Adam Palmeter

In this hilarious episode I spoke with artist and stand-up comedian Adam Palmeter! We talked about the intersection between traditional art and performance art, the psychology of the comedian, and life lessons taken from stand-up. You can find more of Adam’s work on IG: @adampalmeter, or at his website: www.adampalmeter.com

Timestamp Recap
(03:09) Guest Intro: Adam Palmeter
(08:53) The beginnings of an artist
(14:41) The beginnings of a comedian
(16:39) The connection between art & comedy
(21:43) The pitfalls of dark comedy
(31:52) Acceptance & rejection, in comedy and life

Stories Discussed
Creators – Louis C.K., Joe Rogan, Joe Piscopo

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