FYMP Podcast #21 – Journey to the East: A Conversation with Walter McDaniel

In this episode of the podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with artist, entrepreneur and fellow East Coaster Walter McDaniel! We talked about topics including his background as an artist, his current work, storytelling, fictional influences, his advice for people with atypical aspirations. After the conversation with Walter, Matt and Khemit discuss Walter’s work, Journey to the West, and the art of translating mythology.

More information about Red Dragon Media can be found at www.red-dragon.cn

Timestamp Recap
(01:31) Guest introduction: Walter McDaniel
(03:27) The comic connection: early work at Marvel
(05:58) Dare to dream: meeting Neal Adams
(08:01) Moving to Asia: The Beijing Connection
(11:41) Red, Black, & Gold Dragon Media
(13:14) Story creation and worldbuilding
(15:07) Universal themes in stories
(18:27) Journey to the West, Deadpool, and anti heroes
(21:44) Stories and the passing on of knowledge
(24:33) The anatomy of the atypical life
(31:35) Matt & Khemit discuss
(36:40) Adapting Journey to the West
(44:23) Cartoons: myth, religion, and archetypes
(51:43) Chinese mythological History

Stories Discussed
Creators – Walter McDaniel, Neal Adams
TV – Avatar: The Last Airbender
Comics – Deathlok, Spectacular Spider-Man, Deadpool
Books – Journey to the West
Movies – The Forbidden Kingdom

Dis/Honorable Mention
Creators – Sal Buscema, Steven Grant, Tom Brevoort, Michael Davis, Denys Cowan, Joe Kelly, Frank Miller
Books – The Iliad, Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Comics – Deathlok, Spectacular Spider-Man
Anime – Dragonball, Dragonball Z
Companies – DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Hasbro, Mattel, Midway Comics

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