FYMP Podcast #7 – Comics vs. Manga: The Anatomy of the Graphics Arts

In this podcast we’re diving deep into the differences in storytelling between comics vs. manga. As a topic close to our hearts, you should find this interesting even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of either. If you need a good recommendation or a good starting point for exploring comics and manga, this will provide both. Reach out to us on Facebook to join this conversation!

Timestamp Recap
(02:24) Comics for dummies: the background of the comic world
(08:59) Manga for dummies: the background of the manga world
(14:14) The diversity of manga & manga as augmented reality
(22:14) Comics vs. Manga: the philosophy of storytelling
(32:24) Comics: how do you decide what to read?
(42:59) Manga: how do you decide what to read?
(47:19) Traps that manga can fall into
(53:54) Rants on several comics
(57:39) Recommendation and invitation to reach out to us!

Stories Discussed
Anime – One Punch Man 
Manga – Hikaru no Go, Eyeshield 21, One Punch Man, REAL, Manga, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Beck, Berserk, GUNM/Battle Angel Alita, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, 20th Century Boys, Monster
Comics – Invincible, Lucifer
TV – Avatar
Creators – Robert Kirkman, Masashi Kishimoto, Mark Bagely, Garth Ennis, Ryan Ottley, Naoki Urusawa

Dis/Honorable Mention
Manga – Yakitate!! Japan, Prince of Tennis, Hajime no Ippo, All Rounder Meguru, Eden, Shoot!, Boruto, Dragonball Z!,
Comics – The Shadow, Batman, Grant Morrison, The Sandman
Movies – Star Wars
TV – Avatar: the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Lucifer
Creators – Michael Chabon, Joel Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Matt Fraction, Brian K. Vaughn, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman
Books – The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

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